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Zahra TSC Shawl "Aquamarine"

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RM 48.00
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Zahra Textured Satin Crochet Shawl

Zahra ; symbolized a brilliant and radiance that is also to be classified as "High Status"

This beautiful piece has Silky textured satin with crochet detailing on the sides that will gives your hijab a luxurious classy look.

Zahra Textured Satin Crochet (TSC) Shawl in colour Aquamarine

Colour Description : Pastel turquoise blue aqua colour

Material : Textured Satin

Detailing finishes : Crochet

Shawl Dimension : Approximate 2.m x 1.7m

Opacity : 98% non see-through

*colour may varies due to Studio Lighting photos, Natural Lighting photos and brightness of your smartphones screens