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Zahra TSC Shawl "Redwood"

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RM 48.00
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Zahra Textured Satin Crochet Shawl

Zahra ; symbolized as brilliant and radiance that is also to be classified as "High Status"

This beautiful piece has Silky textured satin with crochet detailing on the sides that will gives your hijab a luxurious classy look.

Zahra Textured Satin Crochet (TSC) Shawl in colour Redwood

Colour Description : Rosy-mauve brown colour

Material : Textured Satin

Detailing finishes : Crochet

Shawl Dimension : Approximate 2.m x 1.7m

Opacity : 98% non see-through

*colour may varies due to Studio Lighting photos, Natural Lighting photos and brightness of your smartphones screens